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Next time, register !

Election heat is everywhere. This is an interesting time to be in Malaysia, really. Most of other times, it’s just normal life without being able to discuss sensitive issues and speak up against corruptions, racist politics and so on. For some reason, I really want to get down there, and fight against everything that is wrong with Malaysia.

Eh, have I signed AUKU? To hell with it.

But, with all the spirits without the vote, it’s just meaningless. Baka, I didn’t register. Is this the feeling of being in army but not being lined-up for war? Get all hyped-up but cant affect change?


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She turned facing me and gave a nice smile. Blood rushed to my face, embarrassed. The smile as she was turning to me meant she realised I was watching her.

I smiled back.

That was all.

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My Future is My Past

I am at the office at the moment. 2 hours to midnight, I dont know why I am here. During the lunch time today, I had to leave due to a pressing matter, so I promised my boss to make a request for an emergency leave, and also return back to the office at night.

So I am here to keep my promise? LOL, never knew I cared about promises that much 🙂 Since when?

Anyway I bumped into Izrin today. Or actually, he came to my side when I was browsing a book entitled “In God We Doubt”. He must be puzzled why did I hold such a blasphemous book. No reason, except for the fact that it’s on the front most shelf. Also the title made me curious 🙂

 Izrin was my MCKK ex-school mate who excelled tremendously in his studies and debates. We all expected him to do well in the future, and it seems he is on track to meet everyone’s expectation. He graduated from U.S. , two years earlier than me, and now working with Exxon Mobil. Much to my envy, his scholarship pay-back service to the company needs only to last for 5 years. Me? 10 years.

I was delighted when he asked me about my next Go tournament, to which I answered, “It’s this weekend with a chance to go to Korea (Jeongju) for free if I win.” 🙂

I am happy with my Go. Not because of free trips, not because of the friends I make, but because I am finally acknowledged as a board game player. It was my childhood dream since I started playing chess at age 10. I failed in chess.

I am ready to quit Go. I consider two free trips to Thailand before and another trip to Japan soon to be enough as return on all my investment in Go, including books, equipments and one-month trip to Beijing, China. The whole journey was fascinating. I learned that “going all the way” pays.

So what’s next for me?

Programming. I want to be acknowledged as a qualified freelance programmer, not just a hobbyist who does kiddy stuff like solving Text Twist anagram or a library magazine-borrowing system. The easiest way for this is to change my current part-time Masters course, Information Security to Real-Time Software Engineering. The latter course includes two-term attachment with companies.

I initially registered for this course, until I was convinced otherwise to register for Information Security instead. Security awareness is growing in Malaysia, and soon security personnels (IT security, not guards) will be in high demand. It’s true. Every organization needs security professionals, not software engineers, much less real-time software engineers.

But, I dont live and work for the future. I live and work to realise my past dreams. Its weird and odd, but have I been anything else? 🙂

Would my parents who sponsor my Masters course understand my stubbornness to get whatever I dared dream? If they insist me on continuing rather than changing my Masters course, I have a backup plan. I will do another Masters, this time in Real-Time Software Engineering. It will cost me RM20,000 +. It will be another two years of lacking social life and interactions.

But I have decided. I must be acknowledged as a professional programmer. However laughable the idea of doing third (yes, THIRD !) Masters is.

Ah, how foolish can a man be …

OK, better go now. I’m alone at 11pm here, and this particular floor is well known for its past spiritual (ghost) occurences. 🙂

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Dangerous Morning Driving

I fell asleep 6 times whilst driving to work this early morning. Yes, 6 times ! Luckily I was going to the office as early as 5 a.m. , so there were no other cars on the road whenever I swayed sideways. When I finally reached the car park, I turned off the engine, flatten the seat and went to sleep straightaway. Ah,  good 30 minutes nap.

It’s amazing how as time goes by, sleeping is becoming more and more important. When I was studying in my early university years, I was willing to stay up whole night to cram as much before the next morning exam. But towards my final year, I simply didn’t care. I stayed up still, but not to cram as much as possible, only as much as needed to pass.

And this morning, I even dared to fall asleep while driving. I’m old 😦

My definition of “old” is inability to fight biology.

You’re sleepy, and cant shake it off.

You’re tired, and cant push yourself.

Is it possible to be young again? Or to feel young at least?

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Argh …

They say magic is a form of black art, and any practitioner shall pay high price for it.

Well, it’s true.

I was holding KL Sentral parking ticket, and suddenly I made it vanish, disappear. Magic. Inexplicable, even to myself.

The price? Really high. RM90.

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Chap Goh Meh

I was unaware that today was Chap Goh Meh, until the Senior Director of Spectrum Planning division of MCMC mentioned so, when addressing the audience of MCMC Lecture Series.

Those who dont know, Chap Goh Meh marks the 15th day and the final day of Chinese New Year celebration. It’s supposed to be a good day for matchmaking.

For those who are single, get mandarin orange and write your name on it. Then throw it into the river and hopefully someone will pick it up. And just wait to become the main character of a romantic story.

Hmmm anyway … which river is clean enough in Malaysia that anyone would actually pick a floating orange from?

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The Sky is Blue

When I received the news feed reporting that Toshiba had exited from HD DVD business, I couldn’t help feeling happy. Yay !! Sony won.

I have never doubted that Blu-ray technology would eventually win the format war against HD DVD. I mean, of course. The technology is better. Blu-ray technology is capable of storing 50GB of information  onto a Blu-ray Disc. This high storage capacity advantage compared with HD DVD is due to the blue laser instead of red laser used to write onto disc. Blue laser has shorter wavelength, thus able to focus on smaller area.

Now I can postpone buying home entertainment by quoting “I’m waiting for Blu-ray technology to develop fully” instead of admitting to be financially crippled. 🙂

Those who want to buy DVDs, the players or video recorders will have to make some research instead of following friends or other people. Traditional DVD is to stay, but HD DVD is dead, dead and dead.

Cant wait to have another Sony pet. PS3? Bravia?

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