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Today is actually 31 Oct but i wish to downdate everyone with the event of Malaysia Weiqi team participation in Asian U-Go XII which was held in Khon Kaen University, Thailand..

On 23 Oct morning me, Alex, Jimmy and Ping Ho went to LCCT airport to board Air Asia to Thailand. It was a quick and safe flight, and we arrived in Bangkok two hours later.

Upon arrival at the airport, an official from Thai Go Association was already waiting for us there. We were then brought to 7 Eleven Training Center to relax and get ready to travel north to Khon Kaen district the following day.

In the evening, we had dinner at a seafood restaurant nearby along with teams from Chinese Taipei, and Singapore. The Singapore team leader greeted me and said “Ah, finally a Malay playing”. Hehe, it’s true that Go is not so popular among Malay population, at least not yet. I am actually quite proud to be one of the earliest Malays to play this game although this was unfortunately negated by my poor performance in the next few days.


Picture above shows us having dinner with Tang Faat from Hong Kong. From left, Ping Ho, Tang Faat, Jimmy, Alex and lastly me. They all spoke Cantonese and I was totally clueless of the conversation. Luckily the group at table behind me was speaking English, and I had a chat with Lin Shih-Wei from Chinese Taipei and Pao from Thailand.

The picture below shows me and Pao, who acted as translator throughout the tournament. She spoke very fluent Thai, English and Japanese and knew little Chinese.

Me and Pao


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