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Dear all,

Please find the attached file as the latest Infosec Project 2 Presentation schedule. The involve dates for the presentation are 5th, 6th and 7th October 2009.

Please note that the report should be prepared for 3 copies and must be submitted to CASE at least 3 days before presentation day.

Thank you and all the best.

Wohoooo…. I really cant rest. What will Raya mean to me this year? Huhu..


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None whatsoever !

Nanning International Weiqi Tournament is coming near. I’ll be leaving for Nanning on 23rd September and will be back on 30th September. Quite long.

Visa is ready. Flight arrangement is also ready, I think, as I left it all to Mr Tiong. He will be accompanying me and Boon Ping as team manager.

I think I have gotten a little bit stronger lately, despite the fact that my rank progress has been stagnant, currently at 4d. I have better winning ratio lately on KGS, and am not fearing the 5d’s too much. They used to intimidate me but I have learned that if I put fear aside, I can match up to them pretty well.

I wonder if I can have a free mind during the tournament. There’s only 30 days left for my project, and spending 10 days of them for a Go tournament seems untimely and very costly.

I just hope I can manage it all.

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I wonder how many people will give their passwords when simply be asked so. This morning, I received below email, purportedly came from Google, which asked me to confirm that I still want to use Gmail. Of course I still want to use it, how else could I chat during office hour?

Everytime I receive a phishing email like this, I always see which email address it really came from. In this case, it is verifyscess@googledesk.com. Googledesk? Hm, not a bad attempt as masquerading itself as the mighty Google.
And verifyscess? Must be an attempt to circumvent spam blocker or other filters. Spammers really should look for other ways because wrong spellings make email sounds too fake.


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Global Issues are Interesting

Hmm, the number of readers of this blog is declining rapidly. Cant help it, been to busy for updating anything. The past 4 days, I have been working on two global issues assignment, firstly a group work about China and its rise to superpower, and secondly an individual work regarding G8 and its commitment towards eradicating global poverty.

I have to say, despite the short time allocated for this subject, I have learned tremendously a lot. Perhaps it’s because I previously knew so little about global issues, hence can easily absorb the intros and the fundamental theories. I am eager to learn more and actively participate in various discussion although for now, I’m too tired.


A better life awaits after I finish my part-time Master in a month (hopefully). Until then, this blog has to suffer for a while 😦

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There is no way I can afford to be less than that. I need to submit two assignments on global issue, the first about China’s rise as superpower, and the second about effectiveness of G8. After submitting the two assignments, I will only have a month left to finish my Project 2 : Securing Internet Voting System with Trusted Computing Technology. That’s actually not my project title, I’ve forgotten the actual title after a month of not touching project. I’ve been touching something else.

Funnily, I still procrastinate and write this blog post. 🙂

Regarding Go, I completed the second league but the result is not yet published on MWA website. Also, from 23rd September to 30th September, I will probably be representing Malaysia in Nanning, China for Nanning International Weiqi Tournament. I will also probably be representing Malaysia in Korea Prime Minister Cup in Jeonju, Korea from 22th October to 27th October. Both “probablies” were there because I am not sure whether my employer will grant me unrecorded leave or not. They suddenly make fuss about the invitation letters not having letterhead.

I might as well fit in a little update about my work here. I have finally completed the VBA Excel programming to track our team performance although from time to time, there will be new feature request from my superior which requires me to continually do the development. Honestly, I feel like a real programmer now 🙂 , although in reality I really should be doing sales consultancy and familiarise myself with various telecommunication products.

Okay, time to start writing about China rise to superpower. The superpower term is wide-ranging, and may cover economic, political, military and technological prowess. Anyone who has any idea that they want to share regarding this is most welcome.

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