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What have we all taught Google?





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Computing with Microsoft.


2009-12-29 19-50-10.001


This blog post may be enough to show my ever growing affection with Microsoft technologies. I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate, despite having only 512 MB on my 4 year old desktop, typing with Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 using Windows Live Writer as the blogging client to WordPress.


And the picture above was captured from a Microsoft webcam as well. I probably should have studied the webcam specification because I’m not quite satisfied with the quality. Those aren’t my eye brows. Anyway, if anyone has suggestion of a good webcam, please note me.


Normally I don’t quite like to work with third party applications, in this case, using Windows Live Writer as the client to WordPress, but so far it’s good. Hopefully it may help me to be more productive with my blog.


Blogging may well be fun again 🙂

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I want to see Woods on the green!

So the news has it that Accenture had dropped Tiger Woods as their representative, while Tag Heuer retained. I would think that these decisions were taken with business consideration in mind instead of morality stance.

Personally, I dont care about his private life at all. This may sound ironic, as I’m about to write my concern about media obsession with his recently uncovered extramarital affairs. But my concern is only that all this is causing Tiger to take an indefinite leave from golf.

I’m not a fan of golf. But I’m a fan of geniuses. Tiger qualifies as one of the best geniuses who register most success in their sports career. Others in mind being Roger Federer, and I am a fan of these two. I play neither golf nor tennis, but their achievement of total success are inspiration to me in many ways. The fact that Tiger had extramarital affairs did not trouble me, because I never saw him as morality spokesperson anyway.

I just hope the media frenzy over this matter will be over soon. Or better, for Tiger Woods to still be back on golf course doing his usual best despite every negative whisper around him. I hope it’s the latter, although I might be expective too much. ( Cristiano Ronaldo comes to mind, when he gave his superb performance despite being booed during 2006 World Cup against France. If Tiger could do that … ).

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I’m happy. I finally got a degree in Computer Science, a Master’s degree to be exact. I dont know why, but my interest in Computer Science is super high. Personally, I think it is really nice to receive acknowledgement of competency in something that you are obsessed about.

When I was doing my 4-year MEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), I was occasionally overwhelmed with frustration for not doing Computer Science instead. I guess now it has all turned out alright. 🙂 I can’t really do comparison between MEng and M.Sc. as one was done full-time and another part time. The experience was also very different as one was done in the UK and another locally.

The breakdown of Information Security course in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is the following:

First Semester

Telecommunication, Network and Internet Security
Application Development Security
Introduction Cryptography
Seminar / Special Topics

Second Semester

Information System Security
Law, Investigation and Ethics
Operational and Physical Security

Third Semester

Research Methodology
Project 1
Security Architecture and Models
IT Project Management

Fourth Semester

Project II
Global Issues

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2010 Wishlist

So a good friend of mine had come up with his 2010 wishlist. I am coming up with mine here, and rather naturally, it would be highly centric towards gaining and improving computer technical skills.

Regarding Go, I have learnt not to overaim. Aiming to improve a few stones at 4d+ level in a year, is absurd. At least of me, it is. Some Hong Kong kids might think otherwise (i.e. Kghin). I will place a modest target for this, as my focus is more towards my professional development.

Wishlist for 2010.

  1. Study every technical book that I have bought in year 2009 but have not read. This amount to really lot of studying (~20,000 pages) 🙂
  2. Write and publish 4 technical articles a month
  3. Earn CCNA and CCNP certification.
  4. Launch personal website.
  5. Be a “real” 5d in Go. Not just barely having a non-active 5d account.
  6. Represent Malaysia in three oversea Go tournaments, with one at least a major tournament
  7. Practise healthy lifestyle (still thinking on the details. Have to really follow this time)
  8. Be stylish. Lose nerd and hardwork image. People dont have to know much I work on anything. They just have to see my output. (a little hypocritical, but seems needed in professional and corporate daily work)
  9. Be involved in one active open source project. Level of involvement could be minimal i.e. observing and following progress track).

Maybe that’s enough. I think I could work very hard next year, but I want to channel the extra effort into the quality aspect of above targets..

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The management had transferred my ownership of desktop PC to a new employee from Order Processing. Now I only have my laptop, like every other consultant here. This suits our job nature better, as we should often be on the move. But it saddens me a bit to have lost my desktop PC, which I had been using for various dirty programming work.

Perhaps that’s a way for the management to get me focus on my real work, rather than doing unnecessary programming 🙂

Now that my desk is less cluttered, I think it is the right time to do plenty of transformation altogether. I dont really subscribe to “less is more” principle. Obviously more is more and less is less (outside the box thinking aint always right). I simply need to do better personal management.

Regarding this blog, I am going to scour through previous post, and uploaded contents and remove stupid stuff that I wrote. I know there are plenty in here. I will try harder to keep stupidity to myself from now on.

I just want to have a good blog.

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Before the year ends ..

It’s already the beginning of an end. It’s the first day of the last month in 2009. Despite my very selfish way of life, I still had moments of joy, despair, frustrations, pride, regret. Plain life, like a pendulum swinging between good and evil, between success and failure.

Retrospectively, I dont think I have achieved much this year. Regarding Go, I am glad that I managed to get 4 wins in both Nanning International and KPMC tournament. Also, I managed to create a new (secret) account on KGS and maintain it at 5d, although ‘idazuwaika’ and ‘sensemaker’ account (which are more representative of my current strength) are still at 4d. Those achievements however fall short of my resolve during the beginning of the year. Overall, I am neutral about my Go. The pendulum aint swinging between emotions or perceptions, save for a minor, occasional vibration.

Health .. ! Sad to say, it’s progressively going backward. During the desperation times of managing my thesis, I had successfully gained few kilos. I dont feel good looking at the mirror nowadays. I also consumed large amount of caffeine, sugar and snacks. Of course, I dream of being a hard-core programmer, but living on soda and snacks like one was not part of it. Haizz.. gonna take a lot of effort to reverse the damage.

Knowledge acquisition .. ! I am kind of pleased to have gained a substantial understanding of Trusted Computing technology, due to my research on its application in Internet Voting. And along with it, I had familiarised myself with Qt C++ GUI framework during the project development for demonstration. I had wonderful moment using Qt Creator and Qt libraries. They allowed me to focus on my project without too much overhead.

Skill acquisition for this year is zero. Or negative to be exact, if I take into account of my degrading memory of Mandarin Chinese. At one time, I also managed to memorize katakana and hiragana of Japanese writing system, but now they are gone too. I am embarrassed being reminded of my super failure in this part.

There’s only one month left before the end of year. I dont think I have the energy to go at any more personal goals. I rather prepare myself with knowledge and skills to make 2010 a better year.

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