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Excelling Baduk

I was doing some “unnecessary” Excel 2007 development, when to my suprise I found a Baduk ActiveX control. Wow… cant wait to try using it. Programming GUI has always been my biggest hurdle in any project, but with this, seems like much of the task has been simplified.

I’m starting to love Microsoft again. As a note, I have replaced my default Google search engine with Bing.




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What I wanted was just three no’s away. First, I needed to say no to a lady who wanted my position and had done some necessary paper work for that. Secondly, I needed to say no to the General Manager of the investigation unit who wanted me to join his team, and finally saying no to the Chief Internal Audit who issued me the offer. I did say all the no’s this morning, ending a nearly 4 months dilemma of whether to join Special Affair as investigator, or remain at Solutioning and Programme Management as Solution Consultant.

Hence, for some time to come, I am Solution Consultant. I am not thinking of switching job for time being now, and will just focus on doing my job well.

There are few incentives for staying in my current department. Firstly, the amount of training that we get is tremendous as we’re supposed to be familiar with Cisco, Juniper, 3Com and whatever other vendors’ telecommunication products. Learning path is systematic, as there are certifications to aim for i.e. CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Junos and some others that I have yet to know.

The department is also planning to set up a mini-lab at the office for us to play around with routers, switches and trying out various configurations. Sounds cool. I need lab for learning, as my imagination aint that superb.

Also, we just had renovation in our office. I like my newer place despite being smaller than the previous, because I managed to switch my faulty cabinet with someone else’s during the renovation chaos. Haha 🙂

It feels like I’m starting all over here again. It feels good, to finally end the dilemma.

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Lately I have been speeding on the road. 150-160 km/h is not really an impressive speed for many, but for me it is. I had always been driving very slowly before.

I just love the satisfaction I get when people on the right most lane have to give way to me to overtake them.

Evil me.

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For the past few days, I have been working on Activity Log system for our Sales Consultancy department. Under the request of my AGM, I reformatted, restructured and added formulas to our Excel activity log so that metrics such as conversion rate, engagement (prospecting), and revenue movement can be calculated automatically.

It started as a horrible task as the past logging system did not validate input, hence there were text when figure or date was expected. But by now everything is cleaned up and actual programming is already being carried out. At the moment, quick and dirty solution is ready and the performance metrics mentioned above are already available.

Scary ! Pretending to work or be busy will not help anymore as our performance is spelt out as number and can be compared against others.

For conversion rate, we calculate the ratio of closed deal against total number of quotation, proposal, tender, RFP and RFQ being given out. It’s horrible, because so many of our customers like to ask for quotation for fun 😦

For engagement, we total the project values being prospected, which may indicate our aggressiveness in sales.

Whereas movement metrics will show the result of our effort in monetary terms. This will encourage sales to chase after higher value deals.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of objections within our department to these performance indicators especially conversion rate. We do give a lot of quotations upon customers’ requests eventhough without any chance to actually make any deal. Even worse, the threshold is set at 40% conversion rate. I dont think even Zig Ziglar can do it (actually I dont even know who he is).

It’s regrettable that my passion to work on automated activity logging system has been mistaken by some as taking opportunity to escape my core tasks. I hate updating logs, I hate administrative work but I thoroughly enjoy building programs and computerised systems. Anyway, I’ve already got at least one person telling around that I dont have work to do (probably with some hints that s/he is the only one busy bringing profits to the company).

Yawnsy …

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My manager was involved in an accident last Wednesday and is on medical leave for a month. He’s suffering an injury near his wrist, while not critical, he is advised to not to go to work by the doctor.

Hence, no one is supervising me right now. Hence blogging 🙂 Grin, hehehe. Okay, I may sound cruelly insensitive here, but he’s not in critical condition.

However, I cant slack too much. The absence of my manager means that I have to figure out a lot of things by myself, and bear the sole responsibility for a lot of things. Damn … just when I am in no mood to do anything.

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