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Oh dear, how am I going to work tomorrow? It’s 1:44 a.m. already and I have been spending the last 5 hours finishing the following PDF presentation “Mendalami Permainan Igo”

Please criticise as necessary. I believe my usage of Malay language was rather funny there. Is territory “jajahan”? Ko threat is “ugutan Ko”? What is keypoint in Malay? What about Bulky-Five and Rabbity-Six?

I’m glad I got it done, although I was hoping I could do better with the layout wherever graphic is included. I tried to use floatflt package, then SCfigure package and finally wrapfig package with LaTeX, but none helped to allow me to wrap text around the figures. In the end, the slides simply had to be ugly 😦 . Even the pictures were in Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) format. Yucks, so ugly.

Hopefully I will be able to find time to improve the layout and quality. Till then, yawnsy…


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Malay Go Blog

Few weeks back, Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) held its AGM. I could not attend, but I was made understood that I was elected as Exco member, and tasked with creating teaching materials in Malay.

I was planning to take my time, but then Alex had already begun doing his work as tournament director with Team Study Game, and League tournament. Whereas Hock Doong had already come out with his syllabus. So I thought I should do something too. 🙂

Not having much time for dedicated work, I set up a blog so that I could write little by little until my work is complete.

Please visit Mendalami Permainan Igo

If you notice, I bought an internet domain! It’s not solely for that Malay Go blog, that would be overkill. I just felt like having one. Impulse buying, what else. 🙂 I have several vague ideas of what to do with it, although everything is being discouraged by the fact that I need to do my thesis proposal first. Ultimately I want to be an Internet or technology entrepeneur, so having an internet domain and playing around with it seems like a logical first step.

Anyway, my attempt at downloading ProText using corporate bandwidth had failed. It was a superbig executable with estimated download time reaching 2 hours. Probably it’s against policy, but I need LaTeX. I just learned it has Go package along with Shogi, Chinese Chess, Chess packages to create high-quality diagrams. LaTeX has steep learning curve, but it’s necessary for anyone who aspires to be budget self-publisher.

I seriously need more than 24 hours in a day.

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Edit : I forgot a + shape of 5-space eye can also die. Slides will be updated accordingly.

I suprised a friend when I said I had written a 1000 lines Go presentation slides. Truth is, I wrote 1514 lines of Latex  which translates to 54 PDF slides. I had used Powerpoint before, but Latex together with Powerdot and SGF2DG package is just more appropriate for this presentation where Go diagrams are needed.

I didn’t finish this work, but it’s enough for my role as a Go instructor in UM this coming Sunday. They are having Japanese Language festival, and somehow Go is relevant. Hopefully I will find the enthusiasm to continue again.

To Go friends and presentation gurus, please criticise my work. Others without Go or presentation expertise may criticise my attitude for never finishing my work. I got bored !!

Presentation is available here. The Basics Of Go (Draft)

Anyway, I realised I learn about Latex a lot more by doing, than reading the manuals. I urge people to take the pain of learning this, especially students. And the way of learning, is always by doing.

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It turned out my presentation was rather good, as evaluated afterwards. So I am not emo today 🙂 Actually since my university years, I keep getting comments that I am natural, when presenting. The keyword is always “natural”, and that is starting to get boring. I should improve my presentation skills to earn comments like “persuasive”, “impactful”, “unique”, “professional” and so on.

Problem is, I cant get enough opportunity to practise and experiment. I once tried opening a presentation by greeting “Good beforenoon to everyone” (it was 11a.m.) and the result was confusion and huh?s from everyone.  And the experiment taught me not to do that again 🙂

Anyway, to avoid getting rusty with programming (as I have with football), I wrote a Java program to scan through list of English words and find anagram pairs. Below are the interesting ones.

  1. antagonist  stagnation
  2. ascertain  sectarian
  3. bacterial  calibrate
  4. coordinate  decoration
  5. courteous  outsource
  6. eroticism  isometric
  7. excitation  intoxicate
  8. prettiness  persistent
  9. satirical  racialist
  10. shattering  straighten
  11. supersonic  percussion

I initially wanted to write article explaining the algorithm, and put it under Article tab above, but the Java program is so embarrassingly unstructured and un-academic. My knowledge and understanding of Object Oriented Programming is only as good as a stool leg trying to play football.

On separate matter, I managed to get sgf2dg open source software to work, to draw go diagrams. Dont suggest me to use Print Screen and convert to JPEG! The quality would be too bad for publishing!

Haha I’m already dreaming of writing a Go book in Malay! The problem is, the output of sgf2dg is a TEX source. I mean ‘plain’ or ‘raw’ TEX source, not LATEX and I’ve been failing to embed this source into LATEX. MikTex simply doesn’t recognize the ‘plain’ TEX commands. How do I go around this? Help !! Should I learn TEX? That is too ma fan. I know it’s superb and many people swear by it, but I am for sure going to swear at it!

If any techie people can help, please advise. Thankies.

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