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No preparation whatsoever, except for occassional quick matches on KGS. And that’s for playing solo, instead of pairing with Suzanne. And of course, Visa preparation. I had just collected mine from China Embassy, Bank of China at Jalan Ampang. They had relocated to a new floor some time last year, and it was spacious with plenty of counters. Visa application was very smooth and easy without the long queue. ūüôā Great.

Regarding Go, luckily I’m quite familiar with Suzz’s style and she’s probably familiar with mine too. Everything may not mean much however, with there being plenty of professional pairs in the tournament. 8 professional pairs and 8 amateur pair from various regions, to be exact. If I could choose our opponent, I hope to play against Korean pair Lee Min Jin (5p) and Jin Seuk Mok (9p). Playing against Umezawa Yukari (5p) and Takao Shinji (9p) would be fun too. I could finally fulfill the old dream of meeting Umezawa Yukari since she first appeared in Hikaru No Go. ūüôā

The website for the tournament is here.

Just a note to future tournament organizers. Hey, I have plenty of better looking cheerful pictures !!!


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Oh, mystery is over. Tartrate was ..

Those who have lingered around KGS for some time know about Tartrate, a legendary Go player who won every single game, except only one or two where he lost on time. Tartrate then mysteriously dissapeared, along with any hope of knowing who he really was.

Well today, I was lucky to be on KGS when one of the chatters pointed me to “breakfast” profile, which contained links to revelation of who Tartrate was.

Visit these links:


Ah well, Tartrate was Myungwan Kim, 6p now 8p. So strong yet chosen to remain anonymous, what a hero. ūüôā

This news is about a week or two old. As always, I am late-gossiper.

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Will I improve?

I am scared. Is this the furthest I could go with my Go? My results in international tournaments have been extremely bad. Within Malaysia, it’s still OK, but new young players are rising rapidly and I am¬†beginning to lose every few games to Alex, Suzanne and Ming Sui.

Boon Ping is still as far ahead as ever, distancing more each passing day. I am starting to think that there are two versions of him, “normal” Boon Ping and “tournament” Boon Ping. And it’s the tournament version that is so far ahead, and so hard to¬†surpass ūüė¶

Is it my style? Too calm and unaggressive?

Is it the pure lack of technical knowledge? Or is it my fighting spirit, that I am afraid to give all in tournament so that I would not risk knowing my limit?

Or lack of experience in real-life games?

I dont know.¬†There are just too many variables. Perhaps all of them, perhaps I’m just affected by work and studies and a little time management would solve everything.

I remember vividly of Mr. Chow’s advice during Korat SEA Games after my three defeats in a row,¬†that I should not want to win too much . Well, I tried it and got two wins the next day, and a 0.5 points loss against Zhang Xiang of Singapore. That’s probably my best performance ever. That however confused me even more. Where exactly is the boundary separating wanting to win, and wanting to win so much?

I am inclined to believe that the answer is in super-improving my reading capability … who cares about feeling, spirit and stuff-like-that.¬† If I can outread my opponents, I will win.

Yea, I think that is the best thing to do. Train, train and train my reading ability. 2009 is going to be a very busy year.

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My sister commented that all Go pictures look the same; two people facing each other with a board in the middle. I guess she thinks Go is very boring. Haha, what to do, this is all action there is to Go. Except for those who understands the board, of course !

Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand Friendship Tournament concluded yesterday, with the result as follow:


Team Event:

Chamipon          : Singapore Team
1st Runner Up   : Malaysia Team
2nd Runner Up  : Thailand Team

Individual Event:

Chamipon         : Feng Cheng Cheng (Singapore)
1st Runner Up  : Teng  Boon Ping (Malaysia)
2nd Runner Up : Patchara Pongcharoenkul (Thailand)

And .. I got 6th place ! Arghh .. !! I started the tournament well by winning all three games on the first day, but I lost both games on the final day, first to Feng Cheng Cheng by 6.5 moku, and to Patchara by resignation. I am not going too give any excuses for my losses, except that

  1. I was too tired from previous working and exam
  2. Have not had time to practice since Streamyx broadband too slow
  3. Worrying about preparation to celebrate Hari Raya, as I promised my parents to paint the house front
  4. My last opponent, Patchara played Tengen as opening, effectively putting me in “KGS Blitz mode” and making me overplay a lot !

Yeah… I am not gonna give any excuses ūüôā

Anyway I apologize to Singaporean and Thailand(er?) friends as I had to leave so abruptly. I really needed to paint house. Well, if anything I guess I achieved the true meaning of the tournament, strengthen relationship with Singaporean and Thailand players.


Chee Hiong (Singapore) vs Boon Ping (Malaysia)


Me vs Feng Cheng Cheng (Singapore)


James Lee (Singapore) vs Suzanne (Malaysia)

More pictures are available on Malaysia Weiqi website.

… I need to rethink my Go studies strategy. Excuses are not going to bring result !

Full Result table:

Date : 5 – 7 Dec 2008
Venue: OCM Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Organizer: Malaysia Weiqi Association
Tournamet system: 5 round swiss system, 60min, 6.5 komi

Pl Name Rank Co NbW R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5
1 Feng Cheng cheng 5D SG 5 20+b0 3+w0 7+b0 6+w0 2+w0
2 Teng Boon ping 4D MY 4 13+b0 16+w0 4+w0 9+w0 1-b0
3 Patchara Pongcharoenkul 1K TH 4 17+w0 1-b0 10+w0 14+w0 6+b0
4 Alvin ng Yong han 3D SG 4 24+b0 15+w0 2-b0 7+w0 17+b0
5 Jeremy pang Jian zhong 1D SG 4 7-b0 24+w0 15+b0 13+w0 8+w0
6 Mohd Zaid 4D MY 3 11+b0 10+b0 9+w0 1-b0 3-w0
7 Alex chan Hong guan 2D MY 3 5+w0 14+b0 1-w0 4-b0 15+b0
8 Suzanne Low 2D MY 3 18+w0 9-b0 11+b0 12+w0 5-b0
9 Chuah Chee hiong 3D SG 3 19+w0 8+w0 6-b0 2-b0 22+b0
10 Sutja Chaipibal 1D TH 3 21+b0 6-w0 3-b0 18+w0 14+b0
11 Don Vongyara 1D TH 3 6-w0 19+b0 8-w0 21+w0 16+b0
12 James Lee 2D SG 3 16-b0 23+w0 20+w0 8-b0 13+b0
13 Kwa Jie hui 2D SG 2 2-w0 22+b0 17+w0 5-b0 12-w0
14 Pooh Chuan ling 2D SG 2 23+b0 7-w0 16+w0 3-b0 10-w0
15 Yeoh Sioh tian 2D SG 2 22+b0 4-b0 5-w0 20+b0 7-w0
16 Lim Ming sui 1D MY 2 12+w0 2-b0 14-b0 22+w0 11-w0
17 Koh Song sang 1D MY 2 3-b0 21+w0 13-b0 23+w0 4-w0
18 Cindy Lim 1K SG 2 8-b0 20-w0 24+b0 10-b0 21+w0
19 Ho Hock dong 1D MY 2 9-b0 11-w0 21-b0 24+w0 20+b0
20 Jimmy cheng Khai yong 2D MY 1 1-w0 18+b0 12-b0 15-w0 19-w0
21 Philip cher Wei ching 2D MY 1 10-w0 17-b0 19+w0 11-b0 18-b0
22 Santirak Wongkaew 1D TH 1 15-w0 13-w0 23+b0 16-b0 9-w0
23 Lim Shu wen 1K MY 1 14-w0 12-b0 22-w0 17-b0 24+b0
24 Chin Shuenn chyn 1D MY 0 4-w0 5-b0 18-w0 19-b0 23-w0

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Xinwen Goes Online

Xinwen, amateur 2-dan¬†has decided to blog. Yea, more Go stuff to read. ūüôā

fellow readers are welcomed to know the go lifestyle of Xinwen and/or fellow go players may allow to learn from Xinwen’s games of go.

Moreover, this wordpress also would provide information regarding Go issues around the world, pictures of any Go activities at which Xinwen may happens to confront.

Checkout Xinwen’s Baduk Life

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New Kid on the Blog !

Another Malaysian go player decided to blog. Philip, who was also in Malaysian team to Beijing World Mind Sport Games is going to blog about go, anime and daily life. Check out Philip’s Life.

By the way, believe it or not, I am already looking forward to next go tournament. For me, it will be Tri-country tournament which will involve Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I was informed that Singaporean selection for the tournament will be held this weekend, so I wish all of them best of luck. I do not know about Thailand much, but I hope their strong player Ruechagorn Trairatananusorn will be able to participate. Last time I heard, he might skip this tournament if it coincides with Thailand National Sport Carnival, or something like that.

During last year SEA Games, Ruechagorn lost to our player, Teng Boon Ping but since then he had been improving rapidly. If I am not mistaken, Ruechagorn is now ranked at 7d on Cyberoro. He also did very well during recent WAGC and even beat a 6d Taiwanese player. So a rematch between Boon Ping and Ruechagorn will be most anticipated.

I do not know any other Thailand players, and this tournament will be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with them and learn about Go development in Thailand.

From past format, there will be no male, female categories, only low and high dan. It’s good to have no gender segregation, but I really hope our Suzanne, Thai’s Saenson Apaporn and Singapore’s whoever will clash to find the strongest female in the region. I can’t name Singapore’s strongest female, as many could fit the title.

Uh-oh I dont know what am I doing here. Am I a Go journalist already? Time to do some work.

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Back from WMSG

Last one¬†week, I was in Beijing, China to participate in World Mind Sport Games in Go event as part of Malaysia Men’s Team. Overall, we did OK by winning 3 out of 7 in preliminary rounds, beating Chile, Mexico and Azerbaijan, and losing to Finland, Czech, Slovakia and Japan.

Yes… Japan !!!

Haha, I dont know how come we got so lucky to play against Japan. After losing to Finland in the second round, we thought it was impossible to meet them. We all wanted badly to play Japan , because their team was simply awesome. The team was made of Yoda Norimoto, Hane Naoki, Takao Shinji, Yamashita Keigo and Kono Rin.

And I played Yoda Norimoto ! I lost by 16.5 moku ūüė¶ I must say Yoda Norimoto is a man of great character. On the first day, he wore traditional Japanese costume and I could already feel his strong aura. At that time, I wanted to play him and three rounds later, I really did. Heh, dream come true rather effortlessly.

I did not ask for signatures from any of the professionals. I was happy enough to be able to play against them. Besides, I am very bad at keeping souvenirs.

Uh, I jumped to the best part too early.

Malaysian Men’s Team for 1st World Mind Sport Games

Malaysia vs Chile. We won 4-1.

World Mind Sport Games was not just for Go, but also Chess, Chinese Chess, Draught and Bridge. I left chess five years ago, but I still felt excited to see chess stars such as Alexandra Kosteniuk and prodigy Hou Yifan.

There was also a promotion of a new board game, called Aigo which is actually a hybrid of chess and Chinese Chess. They advertised it as “West meets East” game. Basically, it’s the same as normal chess, but with addition of two pieces of cannon for each side. Cannon is a piece from Chinese chess which moves like a rook, but to capture, it must jump over any one and only one¬†piece. For example, a cannon can capture opponent’s piece if there is something i.e. bishop, rook, pawn between them.

Pictures above was me playing Aigo against Yi Zheng at the demonstration area.


Throughout the one week, I felt extremely healthy. Perhaps because we walked a lot and also drank a lot of green tea or Chinese tea. Above pic was me and my Mexican opponent enjoying tea together.

I have been to Beijing three times now, and every time I visited Wang Fujing, a famous shopping area and eating area. Usually I buy green tea from here. I bought 100 gram of Tenfu Oolong tea for RMB400.

On Thursday, we only had one game in the morning against Azerbaijan. So, after lunch, we went to the World of Weiqi which was situated in Ciqikou area to look at some go equipment. There, I played two games against some of the club players.

For Friday, we had the whole day to ourselves as we did not qualify to the quarter final. Many of us went to Forbidden City, but I chose to meet a friend who I got to know from Internet in Communication University of China. It was almost one and half hour away from where we stayed by subway.

We were supposed to be language partner, where she would help me with Mandarin and I her with English. But I had been so lazy with my studying that I couldn’t utter the slightest Mandarin when we met. Ugh, embarrassing.

There was much more to the whole trip, but I just dont have the energy to spew it all here. Life’s back to normal once I reach home. Back to work, to studying, back to watching¬†Slam Dunk on¬†Astro.¬†Ah, when is the next go trip, I wonder.

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