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I applied for leave this Thursday and Friday. I wish I could apply for the Wednesday (today) as well, but my annual leave would then be reduced to only 12 days for the rest of the year. I really should save some, since my final semester is beginning soon and I expect to have to dedicate more time to my thesis.

Actually I have no reason to take leave at all. I am going nowhere. I have nothing important to do. It’s just that I am so sick of the routine of going to work everyday.

Time and again, I think I made a mistake of turning down the offer to be a programmer in Research and Development division. I heeded the advices of parents and seniors to stay at the Headquarter.


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Ah, break-in. I wonder how come this PC I am using was not swept along by the robbers. I guess the complicated wiring behind the PC demotivated them somewhat.




Honestly, I don’t feel a thing. I lost PS3, my Vaio laptop and my 32″ LG LCD TV. The Sony Bravia 32″ TV I had just recently bought for my mom is also gone. Perhaps the outrage has simply not come yet.

Okay, maybe has come a bit 🙂

Yawn ..

I’m glad they didn’t touch my books, the only real gems that I care about.

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I got another three wins for the League against Philip, Mr Tiong and Jimmy today. Overall, I’m not doing too badly in this League, with only one 0.5 moku loss against Ho out of eight matches.

The game against Mr Tiong today was especially intense. I started the game with slight inferiority, because I lost to him rather badly in the previous league encounter. That was the game where I started behind in fuseki due to mistakenly choosing double hane variation to a 3-3 invasion which did not fit into my overall sanrensei strategy.

Note : This particular post is to record my thought during the game against Mr Tiong today for my own future reference. It should be a very dull read to everyone else.

Despite my loss to Mr Tiong in previous league, I got a higher rating and our rating difference dictated that I should play white and and give him 4 moku reverse komi. I knew from the very beginning that I had to attack hard, because Mr Tiong was so much superior in fuseki knowledge that plainly aiming for territory would be a sure fail strategy for me.

Mr Tiong started with a Hoshi and a 6-4, where as I had double hoshis on the opposite site. He did not rush to make shimari but methodically extends to the sides and I followed similarly. I would not make shimari from 6-4 as well, as there seems to be no good move to make shimari from a 6-4.

After having extended to the sides, it came to a point where I had to do something about the 6-4 corner. From experience, playing hoshi against 6-4 will subject myself to double kakari and I would not like any outcome of that. Whereas, playing 3-3 would give him a nice influence and greater control of the centre for some territory points. That option was out of consideration as well. I needed influence and centre, to perhaps have the option to play moyo later if I came out behind in fuseki as normally the case against this particular opponent. Play normal, with moyo as fallback strategy. That was my mindset.

So I invaded at 3-4 point, in the direction that threatens to slide into Mr Tiong’s more valueable framework. He strangely attached to my corner stone to protect that, and let me nobi to 4-4. This is too good for me, I thought for a while. But then another strange move followed.


I found the marked move strange but not without merit. It appeared to me that he planned to play a tight game, with small territories everywhere. Anyway, the followup from here was bad from me. I really should get better result than what actually happened in the game.


I took chances with the marked move. In retrospect, I was probably too eager to start attacking immediately. It’s plain clear that black could easily counter attack, but I wanted a fight to start immediately, whether advantageous or disadvantageous to me. Yea, that was foolish 🙂

For that corner, I settled with worse result. Not only my opponent got the whole corner, but I ended up with an unsettled group. Luckily I got the last fuseki big point (marked), with potential to play moyo. At least the game was not over yet for me. Some might argue it was over though, but this was an amateur game with plenty of mistakes to hope for 🙂



The game continued to be bad for me after I responded wrongly to Mr Tiong’s invasion at the bottom. I hardly had any moyo, there were so many points that black could invade and live prosperously. It was a wonder that I had any will to continue the game at all. I was not so keen on playing moyo anymore, so I invaded top.


Wedge and sacrifice variation. I figured letting my opponent having ponnuki was justified as his top territory was already solid anyway. But Mr Tiong took this chance of sente to invade my moyo at the weakest point, 3-3. In the spirit of doing things the weird way, I did not respond the normal way, and the following resulted.


Nothing hurt more than having gote at the moment 😦 Anyone could easily guess where black was going to play next.


Yes, black invaded the right side. I was so behind in the game that it was not funny! Somehow later, I won this match and was pleased with myself, but right now in reviewing mode, I am just puzzled as to how on earth did I play so badly. Anyway, back to the game, I invaded at sansan, but pushing at E9 first because I was quite concerned with the safety on the top left group. Spending another move on the right was too expensive, so I decided against it.


I managed to live small in the corner. Some exchanges then happened on the right and finally black decided to attack the weak group! The following sequence occured. I tried to attach against his stones to find a way to settle myself.


Black had just missed a large scale attack by playing the marked move. Of course, there was possibility of white playing there, and save the H5 group with sequence White F7, Black G6, White E6, Black D7 and White G5. But understandably, large scale attack was not needed at all. Wrapping up game quickly would be better.


By this time, I have started eyeing the opponent’s right side group. I wanted to have a double attack against black’s right side and middle groups. I was hoping for my opponent to cut at J10, and voila, it came 🙂 The response to J10 was White J9 and sequence followed Black K11, White K9, Black J7 and White L12.

OK, I forgot the the fighting details that followed 😦 It has been more than 6 hours after the game and my memory is not that good to remember a whole Go game. But what happened was, I managed to kill right side group, while my own left side group could still be saved with a ko. Mr Tiong played a ko threat to bring back the right group to life, which I ignored and chose to save my left group. But unlucky for Mr Tiong, the ko threat he played did not guarantee his group an unconditional life. Another complicated fight followed, and finally his group could only live with a 2-step ko. In the end, I let go part of my left side group to settle the ko and thus cleanly kill the right side group. Left group, right group, that was a bad commentary 🙂

Reviewing this game, I realise how weak I am at fuseki. I made so many mistakes in the beginning, but luckily Mr Tiong made some very costly mistakes at the end. I rely too much on big mistakes by my opponents, that has to change !

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Mom : What time did you sleep last night?
Me : 2 a.m, as usual.
Mom : Why so late? It’s not good for hormone balance. It’s not normal.
Me : I don’t want to be normal

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Oxbridge Malaysia mayBall

I have just returned from Oxbridge Mayball, held in Bankers Club, Amoda Building along Jalan Imbi. I was not Oxford or Cambridge graduate, but since TM was the sponsor of the event together with Deloitte, we got a table there. The dinner was preceded by a snake-charming perfomance which was quite scary. I don’t like snakes and I think nobody should.

Unexpectedly, I had an encounter with my old teachers, Mr Beadsworth who taught me Mechanics and Mrs Beadsworth who taught me Computing during A-Level. There isn’t much to talk about the Mr, as I dislike the subject Mechanics very much and skipped the classes very often. But Computing, I loved it so much. I was so crazy about Pascal programming that time, to the point of doing advanced programming involving objects, video displays, ASM functions etc although they were not required. And I overdid every assignment. And I did not sleep! In my report card, Mrs Beadsworth commented that “I was too eager to impress”. LOL 🙂 That’s not entirely true. I was just too passionate about programming and wanted others too feel similarly.

Anyway, I told the couple that I was now working as Solution Consultant for networking, and I told Mrs Beadsworth how I was very much still into programming. I hope she’s proud to have produced a programming maniac like me.

Overall the dinner was nice, full with laughter as people listened to hilarious speeches made by Cambridge and Oxford alumni taunting each other, although I didn’t get some of them. The dinner finished around 11:00 p.m. , and since I couldn’t find any girl to take to the dance floor, I went home right away. 😦






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Today is rather different from usual. Firstly, my hair isn’t straight anymore. I had all the straightened parts cut out, and I’m back to my natural appearance. Received few weird glares and glances at the office, but could not be bothered to explain why I had haircut. Actually I didn’t want the hairstylist to cut my hair so short, and I thought I had already told him so. Nevertheless he still did, and I did not see it coming. Literally did not see, as I took off my glasses during the whole session.

Another change was, for the first time, I took LRT from home to office instead of driving. I was naive to think that I would get a seat, just because I boarded the train at the first station. Heck, it was already jam-packed even then. I guess I will go back to driving to office again.

Also, for the first time, I slept during lunch hour. It felt so good, so peaceful. I’m seeing myself doing this again, as part of a new lifestyle, new routine. Imagine, being able to sleep one hour late every night and have it replaced during lunch time. I could be more productive at my side work, or Go while eating less everyday. Eating less is becoming increasingly important day by day.

6 hour sleep at night, 1 hour during lunch time. 7 hours of sleeping is certainly more than enough. Perhaps on certain days, I could have just 5 hour sleep at night. Great 🙂


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Okay, I failed to meet the weekend targets although I had been careful not to overaim. I didn’t send my car for service, and I have only reviewed one game of Shusaku, the Go master of the Edo period ( 1600 – 1868 ). Nevertheless, I would not be too hard to myself to consider the weekend had been wasted. I did achieve a few things afterall.

Firstly, I managed to install Windows 7 Ultimate on my nearly 4 year old laptop. I kept the old Windows XP operating system though by installing Windows 7 on different hard disk partition. So, now I could boot with either one, XP or Windows 7 although I dont really know what to do with the latter. I mean, XP serves me well already. But I have not played with Windows 7 long enough to even have a glimpse of its real power.

At first, the sound card would not work, so I downloaded the Realtek driver and it worked well, despite the warning saying that the driver was not compatible with the system. I like the new feel of the taskbar but not so much the Start Menu and how cluttered it is with so many things. But of course, I know they are customizable to meet whatever my preference is.


Ooops, a cockroach just drop dead suddenly in my room. Weird, but won’t waste brain cells over it.

Regarding Go, the league had started again. This time, I will try to play as many league games as earliest possible, because last time I had to forfeit deposit RM50 for not finishing my games. Alex, the tournament director, sure knows how to do business 🙂 But this time, the league will be much harder for stronger player because the handicap system is applied. At the moment, I have two wins against Song Sang and Wynes, and 1 loss against Ho.

I played a lot, which left me less time to meet my other Go target which was to review 3 games of Shusaku. As I said, I only managed one review. Sure, Shusaku was a genius, but like Shakespeare, one might fall asleep while going over his masterpiece.

Also, just now I was in the cinema watching Angels and Demons. It was superb! I love it a lot, especially the suspense, the plot and how the whole story concluded. My sister didn’t rate it too highly though, saying that the movie did not follow the book and missed one key character, the CERN director. Well, I completed the book too but I dont mind the minor changes.


I hope other books from Dan Brown, Deception Point and Digital Fortress will also be made into movies.

It’s already half-past midnight and I should retire to bed anytime soon. I’m delaying that, because weekend would end as soon as I close my eyes 😦 And Monday with all dullness that it brings will instantly begin!

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