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What have we all taught Google?





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2010 Wishlist

So a good friend of mine had come up with his 2010 wishlist. I am coming up with mine here, and rather naturally, it would be highly centric towards gaining and improving computer technical skills.

Regarding Go, I have learnt not to overaim. Aiming to improve a few stones at 4d+ level in a year, is absurd. At least of me, it is. Some Hong Kong kids might think otherwise (i.e. Kghin). I will place a modest target for this, as my focus is more towards my professional development.

Wishlist for 2010.

  1. Study every technical book that I have bought in year 2009 but have not read. This amount to really lot of studying (~20,000 pages) 🙂
  2. Write and publish 4 technical articles a month
  3. Earn CCNA and CCNP certification.
  4. Launch personal website.
  5. Be a “real” 5d in Go. Not just barely having a non-active 5d account.
  6. Represent Malaysia in three oversea Go tournaments, with one at least a major tournament
  7. Practise healthy lifestyle (still thinking on the details. Have to really follow this time)
  8. Be stylish. Lose nerd and hardwork image. People dont have to know much I work on anything. They just have to see my output. (a little hypocritical, but seems needed in professional and corporate daily work)
  9. Be involved in one active open source project. Level of involvement could be minimal i.e. observing and following progress track).

Maybe that’s enough. I think I could work very hard next year, but I want to channel the extra effort into the quality aspect of above targets..

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The management had transferred my ownership of desktop PC to a new employee from Order Processing. Now I only have my laptop, like every other consultant here. This suits our job nature better, as we should often be on the move. But it saddens me a bit to have lost my desktop PC, which I had been using for various dirty programming work.

Perhaps that’s a way for the management to get me focus on my real work, rather than doing unnecessary programming 🙂

Now that my desk is less cluttered, I think it is the right time to do plenty of transformation altogether. I dont really subscribe to “less is more” principle. Obviously more is more and less is less (outside the box thinking aint always right). I simply need to do better personal management.

Regarding this blog, I am going to scour through previous post, and uploaded contents and remove stupid stuff that I wrote. I know there are plenty in here. I will try harder to keep stupidity to myself from now on.

I just want to have a good blog.

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4th Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC) ended last Monday, with me getting 4 wins from a total of 7 matches, which is actually pretty much the standard achievement for Malaysia. I was ranked at 29th out of a total 68 participants, a slight improvement from last year where Malaysia was placed 35th, although Alex who was then the representative, also had won 4 games.

In turned out that I was not the only one who felt uncomfortable with the speedy tournament. Other players from further countries like Europe, North/South America were even worsely affected than me. So, I guess all my rantings in the previous post didn’t really hold much water.

I’m not going to say much here. I just hope that I can continually win local selection tournaments and qualify for more international tournaments. 2010 will be an interesting year, with plenty of oversea tournaments to aim for, including World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC), Korean Prime Minister Cup (KPMC), Asian Games, and other smaller tournaments.

More pictures and reports available from Malaysia Weiqi Association website.

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Dear all,

Please find the attached file as the latest Infosec Project 2 Presentation schedule. The involve dates for the presentation are 5th, 6th and 7th October 2009.

Please note that the report should be prepared for 3 copies and must be submitted to CASE at least 3 days before presentation day.

Thank you and all the best.

Wohoooo…. I really cant rest. What will Raya mean to me this year? Huhu..

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None whatsoever !

Nanning International Weiqi Tournament is coming near. I’ll be leaving for Nanning on 23rd September and will be back on 30th September. Quite long.

Visa is ready. Flight arrangement is also ready, I think, as I left it all to Mr Tiong. He will be accompanying me and Boon Ping as team manager.

I think I have gotten a little bit stronger lately, despite the fact that my rank progress has been stagnant, currently at 4d. I have better winning ratio lately on KGS, and am not fearing the 5d’s too much. They used to intimidate me but I have learned that if I put fear aside, I can match up to them pretty well.

I wonder if I can have a free mind during the tournament. There’s only 30 days left for my project, and spending 10 days of them for a Go tournament seems untimely and very costly.

I just hope I can manage it all.

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Excelling Baduk

I was doing some “unnecessary” Excel 2007 development, when to my suprise I found a Baduk ActiveX control. Wow… cant wait to try using it. Programming GUI has always been my biggest hurdle in any project, but with this, seems like much of the task has been simplified.

I’m starting to love Microsoft again. As a note, I have replaced my default Google search engine with Bing.



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