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4th round

Lost to America who was too strong. Already lost a big group early in the game. Then in desperation, I outlined an unreasonably huge moyo, but he managed to invade and live.

Also Japan lost to Korea. Looks like my SOS will be quite high. Hope I can get at least 4 wins to get decent ranking.


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Third round finished

Went to Akihabara with Martin from the Philippines yesterday. However we were too overgrown to enjoy the abundance of anime stuff there. I used to enjoy anime a lot, now not so much. Perhaps if I have 42″ LCD TV, then I could again.

The third game had just finished. I got my second win against Uruguay, and it was a really tense game. There were too many battles all over the board. But once I saw myself in the lead, I played safe and easy. I am still overwhelmed by the tension which is not good since the next round is starting in half an hour.

OK OK need to relax.

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The tournament begun

Yesterday, me together with Ruechagorn (Thailand), Martin (Indonesia) and Chee Hiong (Singapore) went to Ikebukura to eat. They were all so crazy about ramen, but I had steamed shrimp dumpling instead. Twice ! I love seafood so much.

Participants of WAGC stay in Grand Arc Honzomon Hotel, which is located at about 20 minutes walk from Nihon Ki-in. The morning weather is good for walking, and the traffic is suprisingly light. It is said that Japanese go to work late, and overstay there, so morning is usually quite peaceful.

Anyway the tournament had begun. I had my first game against Raju Kumar Shah from India and won. 🙂 At least I know I wont go home empty handed. However I lost the second game against Korea, Sung Boon Ha who was too strong for me.  😦

OK. Dont plan to use the PC too much. Hope to have more wins.

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I remember an ex-chaletmate of L19 making fun of me, for trying to live an anime life. True, it was quite silly when I took up kendo for trying to be Himura Battousai of Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X. It was even sillier when I took up boxing after being hyped up from watching Hajime no Ippo, the story of an often bullied kid training to be Japan`s no 1 boxer.

With go however, I`m a little closer. In half an hour, I`ll be taken by bus to Nihon Ki-in, along with other World Amateur Go Championship participants. In Hikaru No Go anime, this was where everyone around the world tried to discover who the ultimate go player, Sai, was.

Ok, next step is getting a purple haired girlfriend wearing kimono and flying on a broom. And dont say anime life is impossible !

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Touched down at Narita at 7 a.m. Very early, no other participant was here yet, at least I didnt see any. After checking in into my room, I took shuttle bus to the city centre and wasted about one hour walking in the wrong direction.

I got back to where the shuttle bus dropped me and took another direction to the Naritasan Shinshoji temple, which was the main tourist attraction here. Im not so sure about the Shinshoji spelling, will verify later.

The entrance to the temple was quite small, but it was really big inside. There were temples, shops and even waterfall. The waterfall actually located behind the temple, and it was a pretty scenery. I was halfway uphill, before I decided it was enough walking for the day. I turned back in self defeat and returned to the hotel with a pair of sore knees.

I’m not sure if I can update this blog for the rest of the trip, as I will be transferred to different hotel tomorrow. And I dont know if I even want to, as that might take my concentration away from the tournament. Haha, sounding very serious, aint I ?

By the way … I dont think I brought enough cash here. 😦

Show me the power of credit card !

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I kinda hooray-ed when I received the letter from HR, approving my application for unrecorded leave for five days starting next Monday. I’m starting to think, I love working here !

I encountered many people talking about how they want job with greater responsibilities, challenging and things like that. I used to be like that too, simply mimicking the crowd to be honest. But now, I think I prefer easy job working in relaxed environment.. like now. Give me a chance to take a breathing and look around for a while. And to take a total of 9-days off in a month 🙂 (including the previous 4-day leave)

Maybe one day, I will take my job super-seriously, and start climbing the corporate ladder. But for now, I’m enjoying life. I know I can’t enjoy anything on a ladder.

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I want money!

Yesterday, as I was withdrawing money to pay this month’s rent, I realise there was not much left in the bank. Scary ! I have worked for half year already, there should be some decent saving at least.

Many people told me not to expect to save anything in my first few years working. Perhaps I should listen to that. Yesterday only, I filled the fuel tank to RM100 for weekly usage! and paid RM250 to clear monthly bills. Life is so expensive here in KL. 😦

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