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I remember an ex-chaletmate of L19 making fun of me, for trying to live an anime life. True, it was quite silly when I took up kendo for trying to be Himura Battousai of Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X. It was even sillier when I took up boxing after being hyped up from watching Hajime no Ippo, the story of an often bullied kid training to be Japan`s no 1 boxer.

With go however, I`m a little closer. In half an hour, I`ll be taken by bus to Nihon Ki-in, along with other World Amateur Go Championship participants. In Hikaru No Go anime, this was where everyone around the world tried to discover who the ultimate go player, Sai, was.

Ok, next step is getting a purple haired girlfriend wearing kimono and flying on a broom. And dont say anime life is impossible !


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