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Streamyx 2.0 for Web 2.0

Really, I should be sleeping now. 1 hour past midnight and having had a rather demanding day .. I should collapse. But I simply cant wait to try my new Streamyx broadband connection.

I signed up for 2.0 megabyte package. In Malaysia, that’s pretty much the best you can ask for. The price however for me is slightly beyond affordable. I should cut my chocolate and canned drinks consumption to start saving for this.

However, I really dont mind paying RM160+ per month for broadband. As with other things, I have a way to “psychologically” and “symbolically” earn my money back. I simply .. overuse it.

It’s the same case with my part time Master course. RM20,000 for 2 years is a lot. To compensate, I simply overuse the library, and play around with the expensive Cisco router in the lab.

Expensive laptop? Just keep carry it around 🙂

Expensive go board and equipment? Keep practising day and night.

Well I do think that is a pretty smart philosophy which is applicable everywhere. If in the future I have a high-maintenance girlfriend, I simply …


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Crime is real

How long is 15 minutes?

Long enough to break into someone’s car and steal Touch ‘N’  Go card worth RM35.

Be careful when parking along Jalan Stonor. My car door got hacked effectively. I wonder why didn’t they simply break the glass to save all the trouble.

I was there to apply for visa from the Japanese embassy. Ah well, lucky it was only RM35 and my university pass card. Yeah, losing the latter is more annoying.

Crime is real in Kuala Lumpur ! I wonder how can I contribute to combat this.

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Lately I’ve been feeling not my best. A short headache yesterday evening, which was quickly brushed off after a short nap. And I am starting to suffer from RSI (Repetetive Strain Injury) – from using the PC too much and from driving too much – and from exercising and stretching too little.

As with mom’s suggestion, I think I will go detox for a change. Too remove all impurities, evil food from my body. However I was also scared by my sister’s story of someone went blind after over-doing Detox, by drinking 30 bottles of water a day. Of course, there’s also the whole argument that detox is unnatural, and the job of purification should be left the kidneys.

Life is quite boring lately. I just want to start doing something new, even if it is detox.

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Recalling “Crap Talks”

I have a feeling that my boss thinks I am unhappy working in regulatory department, instead of technical department as I am a graduate in engineering. Just now I received instruction to visit few of our operations all around KL, starting tomorrow.

So my boss asked, “So, is that OK? That would give you some hands-on practice.”

And I replied, “Yes, hands on steering”.


Haha, I doubted my boss would be entertained by such remark, but I couldnt refrain from saying it. Suddenly I recall the old times when I used to write a lot of “Crappy talks” that occurred around me.

Me: You won’t like me when I’m angry.

Sister: Even if you’re not angry, I still dont like you.

Yeah, my sis is quite quick-witted.

Iylia : Wow, Amsterdam has low crime-rate

Asi : Of course, everything is legal there.

Waaa.. why did I delete my old blog? I think it was because of the shame that came with so many stupidities that I posted including some of those in “Crap Talks” section. Anyone remember?

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Exams in a week

A friend told me that she had just failed her exams, and she told me that merrily. At my current rate, I am also going to fail in my exams coming in a week but I am somehow as relaxed as a coconut tree. We’re both part-time students who had in fact just graduated and already employed. There is no great risk for failing.

Does this suggest, without fear, there is very little motivation to succeed in exams?

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After 4 days in Sabah, I’m finally back home. It was really tiring, I moved around really around Sandakan and Tawau regions. I also went to Semporna, a place famous for the pirates. The Sabahan who brought me to Semporna seemed to have a lot against the place.

Semporna ni nama je Semporna. Tak sempurna langsung.

Now, turning on Mix FM for the first time in a week, it was Bleeding Love from Leona Lewis playing. Mix knows how to greet me back 🙂

I also occassionally listen to Ai FM, a Chinese radio station, which I think links to RTM in some way. It’s 89.3 station. It’s time to start again my Mandarin learning or 3 years of hardwork during university years would go to waste.

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In Sabah

12 % battery power left. And for my 3 year old laptop, that translates to  10 minutes. Sad isn’t it? But it’s understandable, as the 3G data card eats quite a large portion of the power.

Here, while waiting for my flight to Sandakan in K. Kinabalu airport, I still can access the internet with HSDPA. Cool. I love Celcom broadband.

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