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Spent 8 hours almost in succession to watch another J-Drama. This time, it was “Kurosagi” or also known as “The Black Swindler” in English. Each episode runs for 40 minutes, so for total 11 episodes – I spent 440 minutes or 7 hours 20 minutes.

Not exactly in the Merdeka and Ramadan spirit, .. I know 🙂

Anyway, the story was about Kurosaki, a 21-year old man who hated swindlers so much that he decided to swindle all professional swindlers and return the money to the victims. Kurosaki lived alone without family, as his own father had killed the rest of the family before committing suicide after losing huge sum of money to swindler Mikimoto. Most of the episodes were about Kurosagi (his nickname) taking on small time swindlers, until the last two episodes where he was finally approaching the ones that drove his own father to suicide – Kasuga and Mikimoto. The ending was rather nice – I will not hesitate to recommend this drama. Although, I think it is possible to skip few episodes in the middle which do not carry significance to the whole plot.

The main actress in the drama was Horikita Maki, who played the role of Yoshikawa Tsurara – a university student who aspired to be a prosecutor. She was very much against Kurosagi’s activities – although was often ignored by Kurosagi. So yea, they quarrelled a lot about justice, avenging and ‘can law protect people’ stuff. Kurosagi and Tsurara lived next to each other, so they quarrelled really often.

Personally, I think Maki fit quite well as the “good girl standing for justice”. She was quite cute in the drama, unlike this pic from Wiki which looks too boyish. Actually, to my disbelief she was quite boyish in her younger days. 

It’s scary to see there are so many techniques of swindling around. From the con artist playing role as civil workers, to an old man pretending to ask you for advice in buying jewellery and leave you at the shop to pay. People may cheat your money just about everywhere !


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Suzz helped me to spell “idazuwaika” in Katakana 🙂 How can I make my Japanese name official?

Anyway, she also informed me of a Japanese Drama based on Shogi. It was Hachi-One Diver. Hachi-One or 81, represents the number of squares in Shogi, or Japanese Chess. A bit like a chess board, it is square but with 9 x 9 dimension, instead of 8 x 8. Hence the name, 81 Diver.

The story was about a man who failed to be Shogi professional player, despite studying the game for 20 years. Indeed the level of board game professionals is really high, and certainly not attainable by any average person with average mental strength and average spirit. It’s discomforting to know that this happens in reality – many people fail professional Go examinations despite studying unthinkably diligent for decades.

Back to the story, this man Segata Kentarou then became a Shinkenshi, or a gambler, who earned money by gambling and winning Shogi. With his higher than average skill, he managed to win money easily, until he met Akihabara Champion, Ukeshi who Segata lost Shogi (and big money) to.

The Akihabara Champion had two personalities, one as a superb Shogi player, another as a cleaning maid. The maid version does not really fit into the story line well, except adding some fantasy to the drama. Anyway Ukeshi then brought Segata into the a new world of Shogi gambling, where he had to gamble life, future (loser quit Shogi) and so on. Through many desperate games, Segata managed to acquire higher level of concentration in Shogi – including diving into Shogi board – hence the name 81 Diver.

The story continues with them later having to oppose an evil organization Kishoukai who wanted to bring the world of professional Shogi down.  This organization is full of strong Shogi players who harbored discontentment towards professional Shogi. Segata with his improved skill managed to beat this organization with many top-skilled players, but at the end he was stopped by the leader of the organization who happened to be Ukeshi’s own father.

Later, Ukeshi’s father died and Ukeshi inherited the organization despite opposing it in the beginning. She felt it was her responsibility to continue her father dream to bring professional Shogi down Just like her father, Ukeshi had Second Sight skill which was far superior than Segata’s ‘diving’. However, in his desperation to save Ukeshi from the ill path of Shogi, Segata later gained even higher level of concentration, Clear and Serene (going over the 81 boundary into space of emptiness) to have a rematch against Ukeshi. The bet, if he wins, Ukeshi must quit the organization and be at his side forever, if he loses, he must never see Ukeshi again.

Haha.. personally I think this drama to be quite enjoyable, although too much nonsense. Luckily it’s only 11 episodes, otherwise I probably wouldn’t finish it. I admit, I used to dream saving girls, even nation by winning a high-tension chess game. LOL 🙂 Anyway, the story teaches never to give up, even after 20 years of hard effort !

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