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Finger ache. From golf.

Dad left a set of clubs with me, so that I could practise. Since the KLGCC is actually quite near to home, it’s not impossible for me to have frequent training, every time after work. KLGCC is¬†actually on the¬†way home.

Next week, I will outstation all around Johor. Haish… only very recently I was outstationed in Terengganu. Good side is, there’s a good chance that I will visit Pulau Tioman this time ūüôā¬† However, this time I plan not to swim. Last time I swam at Pulau Perhentian Kecil, I became deaf for the next two days due to trapped water.

Anyway, my AGM’s birthday is coming next month. How do you bodek a 50-year old female boss on her birthday?


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Tomorrow is day off. Or today actually since it’s already 1 a.m.

To do list :

  1. Pay the traffic fine
  2. Shop for refrigerator stuff
  3. Buy another book shelf
  4. Tidy up the house
  5. Get supplementary phone line for my sister

Study Go?

By the way, there’s a¬†Canadian go player who claimed to reach 3k in 2 months. That is super fast ! I’ve heard of some other super progress among amateurs, such as Ali Jabarin from Israel¬†who got to 5d in 2 years, and Tenbatsu who got to 6d in 2 years.

Me? 5d in 5 years. Even then I still fall down to 4d at times.

OK, Go aside.

Regarding work, Yusuf the next desk colleague had resigned verbally. He has yet to submit the resignation letter to GM. Where as for me, I resigned to the fact that telecommunication regulation is my job. A bit uncool.

My current task is getting ready for World Radiocommunication Conference in 2011. Issues to be focused on are:

  1. Spectrum harmonization across borders for Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  2. Progress in 71 – 238 GHz spectrum studies
  3. Sharing studies in 790 – 862 MHz

Lastly Olympic is coming ! Hope Malaysia can now unitedly support our athletes, and forget about our stupid politics.

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The Japanese Language festival in UM was fun. I was not involved in all events, only Go, where I played the role of instructors to few groups of students. I arrived in UM as early as 8:30 a.m. Was quite sleepy as I only slept at 3 a.m. the night before, after watching midnight movie DarkKnight at KLCC.

There was no projector during the Go demonstration, so the 1000 lines presentation that I prepared was useless. Instead, I gave personal tutorial to groups of three, and two. Suprising thing was, all those that I taught were girls. Probably only girls like to attend language festivals, I dont know. But it’s good, since we’re really lacking female players.

To Ramona, Marha, Ming Di, Mie, Zati, Alin, Ai Lin and Mida – hope you all will continue play Go.

Also Shuwen said, a guy from MMU Cyberjaya is planning to set up a Go club there. The guy is a beginner, but Shuwen is 3k, and can surely help developing keen players there. Ming Di is also from MMU, and I found her to be quite talented, being able to see through seki, ko and snap back. 

There was really good feeling in the air. There were many frequent members of MWA were there, helping with the Go event. Veterans Mr Tiong, Billy and Mr Chow, also Hock Doong, Philips, Violet and me, together with younger generations Suzz, Raymon, Shuwen and Meng Swi. I also got to know a new guy from Ipoh, Ee Zhen.

Haha I mention really a lot of names today’s post. It’s because that is really the best part of Go. The opportunity to meet¬†a variety of¬†passionate people¬†from different background, and to compete mentally.

Edit : I didn’t mention Jueneke because I just didn’t know how to spell the name.

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Edit : I forgot a + shape of 5-space eye can also die. Slides will be updated accordingly.

I suprised a friend when I said I had written a 1000 lines Go presentation slides. Truth is, I wrote 1514 lines of Latex  which translates to 54 PDF slides. I had used Powerpoint before, but Latex together with Powerdot and SGF2DG package is just more appropriate for this presentation where Go diagrams are needed.

I didn’t finish this work, but it’s enough for my role as a Go instructor in UM this coming Sunday. They are having Japanese Language festival, and somehow Go is relevant. Hopefully I will find the enthusiasm to continue again.

To Go friends and presentation gurus, please criticise my work. Others without Go or presentation expertise may criticise my attitude for never finishing my work. I got bored !!

Presentation is available here. The Basics Of Go (Draft)

Anyway, I realised I learn about Latex a lot more by doing, than reading the manuals. I urge people to take the pain of learning this, especially students. And the way of learning, is always by doing.

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I slept at 4:20 a.m. yesterday, and weird enough I am very fresh at work this morning. Although I suspect some time later in the afternoon or evening, I will collapse without warning.

Quick feed on others.

  1. Fiza passed her PTD exam and quitted her programming job for a new career in diplomatic.
  2. Alan managed to get 3-year deferment to work in Khazanah instead of working with scholarship sponsor, Telekom.
  3. Yusof got offer from Aseam Banking and now contemplating.
  4. Shahril had just moved to GreenPacket
  5. My sister resigned MIMOS for Sapura (and money).
  6. Countless people getting married !

Life goes on, for others. For me, it has been static, since my graduation a year ago. While I have about 10 hobbies and 10 personal projects to do, these seem small to other life concerns such as career and relationship.

Career and relationship, who say they are important anyway? Everyone? No one?

My biggest question is, can I keep my way of living as a hobbyist, and still stand proud with my successful friends? I dont care about career, only my hobbies. It really troubles me so much seeing them¬†working hard and intelligently¬†for their respective career. And it also¬†embarrasses me a little everytime I say “I think I will stay in this department for a while, wait and see until I know what I really want” whenever people ask me about my career plan.


Few years ago I received a letter from a girl, saying about “us” thing, and how she knew I would be someone big and successful in the future. The letter was signed “You Know Who I Am”. Guess what? I never knew who she was. Well … that was about five years ago, and I could be excused for ignorance and insensitivity perhaps.

Haha, my case is so sad. Every time I talk about love and relationship, I based it on occasions happened five, six years ago.

Am I thinking too much? I remember something I learn from briefly browsing a motivational book by Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor who went on to win Le Tour de France 5 times in a row.

We will all die. If you know that, everything else does not matter

I will stay as a hobbyist. If I fail in life, there always be cool computer games and Internet to stay happy to the grave.

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Rotten Rotten Tomatoes

If Malaysian politic is a movie, now is the time to be saying “arghh .. it’s so draggy”. So many people complain about it, saying that the interest of people are being overlooked. Well the bright side is, I am finding myself less and less interested in visiting political blogs and Malaysia Today website. So draggy ..

Talking about draggy, I watched Hellboy II : The Golden Army recently.

I only got bad things to say about this movie.¬†It started slow, very slow and the characters presentation¬†were badly designed, especially if you are used to Lord of the Rings’ quality of exotic creatures. There was also some suspense of whether Hellboy will stray to the darkside or not, but since he remained in the good side all the way, that was pretty much useless. Maybe the movie was trying to get the audience ready for Hellboy III when he might go against the Earth, but that was probably all. Getting people¬†anticipating for Hellboy III.

Not suprisingly, the movie is highly rated in Rotten Tomato. I wonder why, I always find myself disagreeing with it. Maybe those critics there try to be different and do not want to acknowledge the obvious? That the great movies are great and bad movies are bad? I dont know. Anyway I find suggestions and reviews from close friends to be more reliable.

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KL Sweet KL

The past five days, I was in Terengganu, everywhere from Kuala Terengganu, to Jerteh, to Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Despite the tranquility, and the presence of nature at its best, I missed KL very very much. I am so used to the loudness of night life and modernity of KL. Maybe Terengganu would not be too bad for me if they dont close shop too early.

By the way, it seems that I am going to have a very quiet weekend this time. I’ve long wanted that, but I got it in quite the unexpected way. Having had played and swam in Pulau Perhentian Besar beach, I got water trapped in my ears, effectively blocking the airhole and preventing me from hearing.

Ah, good to be blogging again.

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