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4th Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC) ended last Monday, with me getting 4 wins from a total of 7 matches, which is actually pretty much the standard achievement for Malaysia. I was ranked at 29th out of a total 68 participants, a slight improvement from last year where Malaysia was placed 35th, although Alex who was then the representative, also had won 4 games.

In turned out that I was not the only one who felt uncomfortable with the speedy tournament. Other players from further countries like Europe, North/South America were even worsely affected than me. So, I guess all my rantings in the previous post didn’t really hold much water.

I’m not going to say much here. I just hope that I can continually win local selection tournaments and qualify for more international tournaments. 2010 will be an interesting year, with plenty of oversea tournaments to aim for, including World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC), Korean Prime Minister Cup (KPMC), Asian Games, and other smaller tournaments.

More pictures and reports available from Malaysia Weiqi Association website.


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Tough time KPMC

I know I have not updated this blog for very long. For the past one month, I have been out of control of my own life. I got involved with a lot of people in many activities, and as such, I had trouble keeping my usual routine. I did not blog, study, play Go etc.

The fact that I have started focusing more on my work instead of side activities was the major factor.

Tomorrow, I will leave for Jeonju, Korea to attend the Prime Minister Cup (KPMC). It is one of the major international amateur Go tournaments, the other prominent one being World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) which I attended in 2008.

Honestly, I still have not recovered from the trauma of performing very badly in previous WAGC. I got 46th place. So large was the number, it was even larger than the answer to the universe. That time, I could still forgive myself for being the nervous newbie to competitive tournaments.

I was quite looking forward to KPMC tournament until I saw the schedule below.


3 matches on Saturday, 4 on Sunday? Are you kidding me? I cannot play more that two matches per day! I almost fell sick during SEA Games 2007 after playing three matches on the first day. Had to rest myself at the massage and therapy centre.

Way long before that when I attended Malaysia Chess Championship, I vomited after playing three matches on the first day. I suppose I’m just not cut out to bear intense pressure from tournament. I’m not a mind sport athlete, just a hobbyist.

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