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I feel bad for my blog. It used to be quite active, with me writing my life in hope to share my thoughts with others besides being a personal journal that I can revisit to judge whether my life is interesting or not. But lately, I have been too busy with my Master thesis and consequently had to abandon this blog.

I did not expect my project to be very challenging. Conceptually, it was easy enough. I wanted to study the capabilities of Trusted Computing and then use them to tackle problems inherent to Internet Voting. But it turned out there were too many suprises. Configuring tpm-emulator 0.61 from Mario Strasser, and TrouSerS took weeks, since I was not familiar with Linux. I also had to modify and recompile tpm-tools to make some of their options work.

Also, during the course of my project, I probably have read and reread “A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing” for about 6 times, and funnily I enjoyed gaining new understanding every time. Oh I’m so geeky 🙂

So .. what’s next for me?

Should I be focusing on my work, achieving top performance and patiently climb the corporate ladder?

Should I ride on current momentum, and do a PhD part-time?

Should I be gaining new working experience as freelancer and putting myself into different problem domains?

Should I create an idea, rigorously work to implement it, and launch a startup?

Honestly, I am not sure of what my decision will be. Right now, desire is burning in me to just implement everything I have studied and read. I have some ideas, but revealing them now would be premature.


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