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A good life?

I woke up as early as 5:15 a.m. today. I did a mild physical exercise at the gym. After that, I drove to the office and  managed to get my favourite parking spot. Later I had breakfast of mi goreng, and got to choose the best fried egg.

Waking up early is the key to good life? I am not so sure, as I am too sleepy at the moment, even had to miss lunch to take an hour of nap. Still very sleepy.



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I’m at Pearl Point Shopping Mall at the moment, with less than two hours to kill before my presentation to the mall public about Go. I still haven’t finished my slides, but luckily this technology called Starbucks allows me to connect to Internet and complete my work, and blog 🙂

There are going to be two versions of demonstration, in Chinese and in English. The Chinese presentation will be performed by Mr Chow Chee Wen, while the English one, me 🙂 Malaysia Weiqi Association probably invited me to talk, to dispell the myth that Weiqi is a “Chinese” game. Or maybe because I’ve been so active in tournaments lately and they thought I would have a lot of stories to share. I do actually.

Problem is, this mall itself does not have many visitors!

I know the picture above says 5th and 6th July, but I am not a week too early here. That’s the date for Weiqi tournament, not the demonstration.

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Mind Sport Olympic

I’m suffering from slight headache now, which was really bad two hours ago. I had a can of Vanilla Coke while playing Go. Seems to be bad combination.

Anyway, I’m going to Beijing, China this October for Mind Sport Olympic to represent Malaysia for Team Go event. The selection was held today, to choose 8 representatives. Funny enough, only 8 were present for the selection tournament, so everyone qualified wihout needing to play any match 🙂

Too much Go in life. Where am I heading? Tomorrow also got Go presentation to give to general public at Pearl Point Shopping Mall. I haven’t done the powerpoint slides though 😦

Yawnsy.. yawnsy.. I am so sleepy

The pillow and bed are calling me

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Cons, Piracy

I love Friday 🙂 The beautiful and free feeling that comes with it, is unparalleled. I’m going to spend tonight watching a movie or two.

Anyway I noticed that movie pirates have changed their operating ways. Some shops now do not have the DVDs ready when you go there. Instead , they put all the movies on hard disk and only burn onto empty disc upon requests. Pretty smart and simple isn’t it? I think no longer will we hear news about police raiding some obscure old buildings and seize hundreds of thousands of DVDs and high-end disc copiers.

And less risk too. If the authority make a suprise visit to some of these shops, owners can claim that he sells originals but all sold out. And put the hard disk in encrypted mode, drop into acid or whatever.

If I am the authority, what would I do?

Firstly, I will pretend to be a normal customer. That much is obvious, if I want the pirate to actually give me pirated DVDs. I ask for few movies, and then wait for them to burn onto DVDs. And then, after they give me the DVDs, I will pay, go home and enjoy the movies.

Haha 🙂

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It turned out my presentation was rather good, as evaluated afterwards. So I am not emo today 🙂 Actually since my university years, I keep getting comments that I am natural, when presenting. The keyword is always “natural”, and that is starting to get boring. I should improve my presentation skills to earn comments like “persuasive”, “impactful”, “unique”, “professional” and so on.

Problem is, I cant get enough opportunity to practise and experiment. I once tried opening a presentation by greeting “Good beforenoon to everyone” (it was 11a.m.) and the result was confusion and huh?s from everyone.  And the experiment taught me not to do that again 🙂

Anyway, to avoid getting rusty with programming (as I have with football), I wrote a Java program to scan through list of English words and find anagram pairs. Below are the interesting ones.

  1. antagonist  stagnation
  2. ascertain  sectarian
  3. bacterial  calibrate
  4. coordinate  decoration
  5. courteous  outsource
  6. eroticism  isometric
  7. excitation  intoxicate
  8. prettiness  persistent
  9. satirical  racialist
  10. shattering  straighten
  11. supersonic  percussion

I initially wanted to write article explaining the algorithm, and put it under Article tab above, but the Java program is so embarrassingly unstructured and un-academic. My knowledge and understanding of Object Oriented Programming is only as good as a stool leg trying to play football.

On separate matter, I managed to get sgf2dg open source software to work, to draw go diagrams. Dont suggest me to use Print Screen and convert to JPEG! The quality would be too bad for publishing!

Haha I’m already dreaming of writing a Go book in Malay! The problem is, the output of sgf2dg is a TEX source. I mean ‘plain’ or ‘raw’ TEX source, not LATEX and I’ve been failing to embed this source into LATEX. MikTex simply doesn’t recognize the ‘plain’ TEX commands. How do I go around this? Help !! Should I learn TEX? That is too ma fan. I know it’s superb and many people swear by it, but I am for sure going to swear at it!

If any techie people can help, please advise. Thankies.

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A bit emo

Some girls are hot,

Some girls are not,

But what I want,

Is great love plot

My nickname is Waq. But if I have to choose a longer nickname, a possible candidate might be “the-person-who-hates-to-do-presentation-he-is-not-even-slightly-interested-in-and-be-burdened-with-information-gathering-and-slides-preparation-under-severe-time-constraint.”

Huh, I think that pretty much sums up the suxxful plight I’m in.

It’s currently being circulated among my colleagues that I play Go because I like Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls. Haha yea right, if only playing Go is a valid way to get near girls. I’ve been playing Go for five years, and been single all the way !!

Anyway that’s not the source of my frustration. I’m only frustrated at the thought of spending tonight researching latest boring regulation issues for tomorrow’s presentation, when I’m so in the mood of playing with the newly installed Cygwin and trying out various open source software.

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I arrived at the airport not too long after sunset, and Haidar was already there awaiting for me. He then drove me to Blue Eden Cafe. I initially was a bit eager to know what’s normally on Bruneian radio, but he played some Japanese CD music instead. Haha, why was I not suprised 🙂 The appreciation of things Japanese is higher than average among Go enthusiasts.

The next day, I was brought to Chong Hwa alumni where Go activities were normally held in Brunei. I met young Bruneians go players, most of them were around 17-19 years old. Xinwen, a friend from Malaysia who grew up in Brunei was also there, doing some all-important organizing stuff.

The Bruneians of Igo Society are training

Me playing Edwin

Personally, I think the Brunei Igo Society is well-managed and well-equipped, despite being relatively new to Go and being run by a group of students. I learned that they meet quite often, almost twice or thrice a week for Go activities, normally at Blue Eden Cafe. However, there is some worry that the Igo Society might get neglected when its key members enrolled into university for tertiary education soon.

But really, I had plenty of free time during university, why wouldn’t they? 🙂 Unless they take their studies super seriously- lah


Xin Wen in blue shirt is the founder of Go in Brunei

Had lunch at Excapade Japanese restaurant on Friday. It was an enjoyable time, although I did feel a bit too old there, haha. I was 25 and forgot to shave !

Visited Empire Hotel which located near the sea


The Empire at the back was founded by Putera Jafri

Was it Saturday when they brought me to Empire Hotel, built by Putera Jafri? I think so. It was a high-rated luxury hotel, and much to my expectation, there were lots of foreigners there. I had time to walk around the seaside and took pictures, before it started to get very windy. How does it feel to play go on the beach? I wonder 🙂


Eating Ambuyat, traditional Bruneian food

Sunday was my last day there, and they entertained me with very Bruneian activities. We started the day with a lunch at a restaurant in Kiulap, where I tried ambuyat, with ampap, payis and some other unfamiliar dishes. Picture above is me trying ambuyat for the first time. It tasted great. I also loved payis very much. Sadly, I didnt get the chance to try Nasi Katok, although I was told it’s not really a traditional Brunei thing.

Me, Haidar, Hazim and Lydia next went to Xinwen’s house in Subok, and together we visited Brunei Museum nearby. I did learn few things about history, and was appalled at the fact that Sarawak and Brunei had completely “exchanged size ” within 50 years. I was then brought to Royal Regalia, where Alat Kebesaran Di Raja and gifts from other countries were exhibited.

At Tamu

Anyway I enjoyed my stay there very much. Thanks to Haidar the host and other friends of Brunei Igo Society who welcomed my visit there.

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