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I lost. Emails.

It’s time to swallow my pride and admit how lazy I am to manage ever-increasing number of files and folders on my working laptop. Even lazier is to manage emails.

Hence, I’ve decided to heed my manager’s advice to install Google Desktop, an application that will perform indexing of documents and files, including Outlook emails.


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Soft threat

I could not tell whether he was serious or just joking. My manager today said to me that, if I ever lose track of documents or emails again, he’s gonna have me install Google Desktop in my laptop.


There must be a better way, possibly by means of good habit. I need to restructure and categorize my files properly. I don’t want to have my computer cluttered with documents, even if I’d still be able to retrieve anything fast due to Google indexing power.

But then I agreed to his suggestion. If I fail to find documents and emails again, I will install Google Desktop. Uh .. ! I just have to make a commitment to better self-organization habit.

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